Creative Uses of Your Vyking Ship Account

Almost all of our customers have started using Vyking Ship for our most obvious benefit: a USA address so they can purchase what they want from U.S. merchants and get them shipped internationally.

But there is so much more you can do with a Vyking Ship account.

  1. Use Vyking Ship as a small scale fulfillment center. You could purchase a large box, or pallet, of items and then have us ship items to your customers for you. You are able to setup as many additional shipping addresses as you need enabling you to sell to customers domestically and internationally.
  2. U.S. Merchants – Use us to fulfill your international shipping needs. No API or software updates necessary. For those customers who live in countries that you do not currently ship to, have them setup an account with us and then they can have you ship their purchases domestically (to our warehouse) and we can handle the international shipping aspect of it. Also, we can find a way for you to be a part of our referral program and reward you for recommending our services.
  3. Speaking of referrals, use your website, your company, blog or forum to spread the word about Vyking Ship to your readers. If you have a large audience we can discuss some changes to our referral program to reward your efforts in a different way. Our only request is that you try our service first so that you can honestly recommend us and that you describe our services accurately.
  4. Start a job locally (where you live) as a Personal Shopper. In many areas where our services are offered, there are obstacles to using Vyking Ship. Lack of Internet, lack of credit cards (cash only areas), or translation issues. For individuals who cannot use our services themselves, but wish to buy things from websites, you could act as the purchaser for them. You could charge a little extra to cover your efforts and shipping. If you can get enough orders together at once, you could consolidate all of the orders saving even more money.

What ideas do you have? We would love to add them to our list, just make sure they are legal and can be replicated. Email your suggestions to

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I’m thinking of writing a blog post in response. Can you mind if I connect to your website from my article?

    • Clinton LaHue
      Clinton LaHue says:

      Please feel free.

      I see you are affiliated with a Baby Site. I know from personal experience there is a whole world of baby products (especially natural and organic products) that are very hard (or super expensive) to buy in many countries but are easy to get here in the US.

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