The Secret of the Split

While the cost savings that a package consolidation offers seems like the best way to save on shipping, sometimes the exact opposite might be true. This is called a Split.

There are a few reasons why you may want to do a package split:

  1. You want to return one item from a package that contains many.
  2. One of your packages has many items and you want to separate them out so that you can ship them to different customers.
  3. An item in one of your packages is prohibited from being shipped to you and you need to remove it.
  4. Your package is currently too large to be shipped by FedEx and all of the items inside cannot be repacked into a box that is small enough.

For some of you, explaining No. 4 will not be necessary because you aim to get everything into boxes small enough to ship by USPS. For everyone else I will give an example to drive the point home. But first, let me tell all of you how to make a request for a split.

As you may have noticed, we do not have a selection in our “Additional Processing” menu or on the Our Services page for splitting a package. This is because every split is unique and will have its own requirements. The option you will use to have us split a package will be the “Customized Instructions”.

With “Customized Instructions” you will be able to type out what you would like us to do. When having us split a package, please keep in mind that the following details should be provided if applicable:

  1. Which item or items do you want taken out of the main box and put into another?
  2. If you are having us move multiple items out of a box, are they all going into one box or did you want us to put them into separate boxes?
  3. Did you want us to update the customs declaration on the original package and complete the customs declaration on the newly created packages?
  4. Can we remove retail packaging from the individual items?

The answers to these questions will determine how labor intensive the split will be and may mean the overall split will cost more than $3.50. As with all Customized Instructions, if it’s going to cost more than $3.50, we will contact you first and let you decide whether or not you want us to do it for the price we quote you.

Also, once we have removed an item or items from the original package, we will re-size or repack the contents of that box into one that provides a better fit.

Now it’s time for an actual example of a split saving a lot of money. You may have seen this example on our Facebook Page. In this situation, there were a large number of boxes, that were all too large to be shipped by USPS. This customer asked for a suggestion on how to best ship their packages to maximize their savings. For their situation we felt that Splitting their FedEx sized packages into multiple USPS sized boxes was the best option.

Se we took the contents from 12 FedEx sized boxes and put them into 17 USPS sized boxes. This meant there was going to be 5 more boxes each with the dreaded initial fixed postage rates, but the overall cost savings by shipping them via USPS more than made up for it.

Before doing the split, this customer was looking at a total of $6,526 USD to ship them by FedEx. After we completed the split, the total USPS postage for all 17 boxes was $1,851 USD.

A total savings of over $4,600 USD from doing a split!

Here is a picture of the before and after so that you can get an idea:

The Split Picture

Please contact our helpful staff if you think this may be an option that best suits you and they will be glad to help you get it figured out.

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  1. john
    john says:

    If I read that right, USPS had better shipping rates so it was worth repacking them into smaller boxes? This is something I’ll keep in mind.

    • Clinton LaHue
      Clinton LaHue says:

      Hello John, USPS will almost always have best overall rates available (Postage + Broker fees) of any international carrier that has tracking and insurance. The only sacrifice you make is in speed (the fastest USPS option is 3-5 business days) and you do have to keep it within the maximum size allowed by USPS (maximum combined length + girth = 79″ – for most countries) which can be impossible for some items.

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