How to save 20-80% on your Online Purchases!

Saving money online is easy, you just have to know how.

Here are some great tips that have helped me save a lot of money and should help you save a lot too!


1. Shop from sites with big Discounts and Clearance items!

Some of the fashion sites have discounts up to 80% off retail on NEW designer clothing and accessories! If you are brand conscious, or your customers are, this can save you a ton of money by shopping on these sites.

Keep in mind, here in Minnesota, there is no sales tax on clothing (excluding accessories), so you should not be charged sales tax on your clothing purchases that are shipped to your account.


2. Look for Coupons!

There are 3 types of coupons, try to figure out which will help you the most:

      1. Sign-up Reward coupons.
        Sign up for a company’s promotional emails and many will email you a coupon. They are usually 5-10% off your next online purchase. Not all companies do this, so you may want to check with the company or Google it first. These coupons are typically not transferable, but you can always register with a new email account when you want another coupon!
      2. Online Coupons.
        Online coupons are the easiest to find. You can Google most of these, just type in the name of the company and the the word “coupon” or “code” and the different meta sites will pop up. My favorite is Just go to their site, type in the name of the company, and voila, you have a list of the online coupons available. Many are expired, but often times you will find many that still work.
      3. Physical Coupons.
        This may sound like a hassle, if not impossible to obtain, at first glance. But many companies offer physical coupons that are typically good in-store or online to many of their best customers. These coupons are typically $X off $XX or 10-20% off your purchase, but some may be for as much as 50-60% off your entire purchase! As I said, these coupons are typically given out to those customers that spend the most money at that retailer, but you can get them too even if you have never shopped there before. If you search eBay for coupons from your favorite seller you will find many of these “preferred customer” coupons are available for sale. Just be sure to check to make sure you can use it Online, that it does not exclude the item(s) you want, and that it has not yet expired. Many eBay sellers will email you the code after you pay for the coupons, but some insist on mailing it; keep that in mind before you buy.


3. Shop the Sales!

Know the holidays. Most merchants that run sales will often have some sort of sale around major holidays and significant US holidays: President’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Cyber Monday, and Christmas – to mention some of the holidays with the best sales.

Keep an eye out for promotions and sales during these times. Be especially mindful of after-Christmas sales. Often times retailers have a lot of extra inventory they stocked up on for Christmas and they want to get rid of them in late December to make their year end numbers look better and in early January to start the year off with some positive earnings.

If you don’t know what Black Friday/Cyber Monday are, be sure to pay heed once November comes around and they start putting out the ads. During these two days (Black Friday = day after US Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday = the following Monday) you will find some of the craziest deals of the entire year!


4. Shop Around!

One of the first things I do when I know what I want to buy is a Google shopping search. Then I can see if any sites have it for a lot cheaper than others. This is a quick, easy, but not necessarily the most effective way of finding the best deal – it can be a good start though.

If you are using Google Chrome as your browser, I absolutely recommend using the Chrome extension Honey. This extension will scan for coupons for the site you are shopping on at checkout, and will compare coupons and use the coupons that save you the most money!

The other thing to look for is which sites charge sales taxes. Many merchants do not have a presence in the state of Minnesota and therefore do not have to charge sales tax to anyone who is shipping their purchase to Minnesota (where our warehouse is). However, if a merchant does have a presence here, they must charge the 7-8% sales tax (excluding clothing). If you find an item from one merchant who charges MN sales tax, it is quite easy to find at least 4 more that sell the same item and do not.

Also make sure to check around for Free Domestic shipping. Many online sellers offer free standard shipping but some do not. Make sure to factor in the cost of getting your purchase shipped to our warehouse!


5. Combine Purchases with your Friends and Family!

If you have friends or family (or customers) who all want to make purchases from one particular seller, place one big order instead of smaller ones. This will help you maximize the benefits of any really good coupons you have found and often times merchants have free shipping after your order has reached a certain threshold.



Please let us know if you have any tips of your own and we will be happy to add them to our list!