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What Can’t I Ship With Vyking Ship?

While Vyking Ship strives to make your international shipments as painless as possible, sometimes we run into problems. One of the most common problems we run into is when dangerous goods or materials prohibited from air transport come through our warehouse. Most of the time, information about dangerous or prohibited items is not clearly given […]

Shipping Methods, Broken Down

Here at Vyking Ship we offer 3 carriers to ship your packages: DHL, FedEx, and USPS. The first two are private carriers, whereas the United States Postal Service (USPS) is a public carrier. What is the difference between the two? USPS works for the government here in the United States, meaning they deal with a […]

Using Vyking Ship, From Start to Finish

Are you new to using a parcel forwarder, or just looking to refresh your knowledge about how to use a parcel forwarding service? This guide should help clear things up! Here is our main page. If you’d like more information regarding our services, we have sections for that in our “Why Vyking” and “Our Services” […]

How to save 20-80% on your Online Purchases!

Saving money online is easy, you just have to know how. Here are some great tips that have helped me save a lot of money and should help you save a lot too!   1. Shop from sites with big Discounts and Clearance items! Some of the fashion sites have discounts up to 80% off […]