The Power of Consolidating Packages

For those of you who are not familiar with Vyking Ship’s consolidation service, let me explain how it works.

You tell us what packages in your account you want combined into a single package. If it’s possible, we take the contents of those packages and put them into a box that will fit all of the contents. (We have a nice quick video that on the Our Services page of our website if a visual demonstration is more to your liking.)

In essence, the purpose of package consolidation is to save you money — hopefully, lots of money!

This is achieved in four ways:

  1. Through the elimination of fixed initial postage fees
  2. By eliminating wasted space and finding a better fit
  3. Ensuring your items are packed safely to avoid damage
  4. By removing excess packaging that may be taking up space or adding extra weight

Eliminating fixed initial postage fees

The first kilogram or pound of postage is always going to be much more than any subsequent kilogram or pound. This is the initial fixed postage value. Sometimes this value can be as high as $25 to $30 USD! So, for example, lets say you have 10 packages that all weigh 1 pound and have that minimum fixed postage value of $25. That means shipping all 10 of those packages is going to cost you $250 USD. Now, if you were to consolidate those packages into a single box that weighs 10 pounds, you will find that postage is going to be a fraction of that.

Eliminating wasted space

Almost all U.S. retailers ship items in packages that contain some (or a lot) of wasted space. This is because sellers have certain box sizes available to them and they just look for a box that will fit the item they are shipping to you. Needless to say, retailers like Amazon or Target, which have a wide variety of goods, often do not choose a box that’s a really good fit.

When we consolidate your packages, we remove these poor fitting, wasteful, shipping boxes and put your items into a box that does not contain all of that wasted space. This not only reduces the size of the package (Dimensional Weight) but it also can reduce the actual weight of the package since that extra cardboard box is no longer present.

Another key feature of our consolidation process is that we do remove your items from their boxes and put them into boxes that better fit them. This may sound like a given, but some of our competitors offer consolidation services where this is not done. Instead of packing your items together into one box,  they simply batch-ship all of your items together. This method can eliminate the fixed initial postage fees for all but one of those packages, but it doesn’t eliminate the wasted space or the excess weight from those extra shipping boxes.

Safely packing your items

This may sound minor since it should be expected that the seller packed the items so that they could be shipped safely, but it’s not. Surprisingly some sellers do not pack their items very well. But, most sellers are packaging their items with the thought that they are being shipped domestically, which doesn’t provide extra protection necessary for the longer and rougher international journey.

This is where our consolidation service can help save you money by making sure the items you paid for are better packed to survive the international shipping process. What good is saving a bunch of money if things show up broken?

Also during the consolidation processing, if we happen to notice any visible damage, we will contact you and provide you with details about what we saw.

Removing excess packaging materials

When we consolidate your package we will remove bulky or heavy packing materials when prudent and replace them with lighter filler where needed.

With all of the ways package consolidation can save you money, we suggest using it whenever you can!

There are some very rare situations where consolidations may not be in your best interest. Be assured, our experienced staff will let you know if they feel you could save more money doing things differently.

Have any other questions questions? Get in touch with us at support@vykingship.com, use our live chat (available M-F from 9AM-5PM CST) or call us at 952-941-2452.

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